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We pride ourselves in having great costumer service. A big part of helping people is answering their questions and guiding them to the perfect product. Along the way we've assembled some of our frequently asked questions and posted the answers to help serve you better. If you're curious about something that's not on the list then don't hesitate to message us and one of our experienced budtenders will get back to you shortly.  

Our standard return policy is that we accept returns of any unused flower or product within a week of the purchase date for store credit. For vape cartridges or dysfunctional products we will accept returns within 30 days of the purchase date and exchange it for a brand new cartridge. In the case of used edibles or concentrates that you didn’t like we are usually happy to exchange these for store credit.

Yes, we’d love to see you at all of our ShowGrow locations, however certain cities have different licensing requirements so you will have to fill out a new patient form if you are new to that location.

Did you put your phone number down when you became a patient of ShowGrow? If so you have already started earning ShowPoints! We use the phone number and email from your new patient form to create an account for you.

To login for the first time go to and click “Check Your Reward Points” from there click “Get Password” and enter the phone number you signed up with. You will get a text with your confirmation code within 5 minutes. Once you enter your confirmation code, you will be able to set your password and check your profile, as well as all the awesome gifts we have for you! If you don’t receive a confirmation code, ask at check-in on your next visit and our budtender will assist you.


From your profile you can see all the gifts available, as well as which ones you have enough points to receive. To redeem points, hover over the gift and click “Get”, from there you will receive an email with a confirmation code. Simply give the confirmation code to your budtender at your next ShowGrow visit and they will make sure you receive your gift. If you have any issues receiving an email be sure to check your spam folder and add to your known contacts!


Yes! All of your ShowPoints are tied to your personal account, based on your phone number and email, so no matter where you make a ShowGrow purchase, you will earn points. The process for receiving a gift will always be the same, as long as you have a confirmation code you can redeem it at the ShowGrow closest to you!


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