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ShowGrow B2B
Since 2015, ShowGrow has been a seasoned, professional, licensed, retail brand positioned to responsibly lead the orderly conversion of the cannabis industry.
ShowGrow Pays.
Our combined experience in Cannabis, Wall Street, Technology, and Marketing gives us the ability to excel expeditiously.
  • Increase New Customers by 6x.
  • Increase License Value by 3x.
  • Increase Revenue by 4x.
  • Go National.
Our Services
Retail is what we do.
We care about both the small picture and the large picture. Our job is to write the whole story and we’re really good at it.
  • Build Outs
    Build Outs
    • Planning
    • Architecture
    • City Relations
    • Permit Submissions
    • Security
    • Construction
  • Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Branding
    • Event Management
    • SEO
    • Promotions
    • Social Media
    • Cozy Sesh™
  • Operations
    • Compliance
    • Inventory Management
    • Brand Relations
    • Training
    • Employee Screening
    • Delivery Services
    • Security
  • Software
    • SMS Campaigns
    • Rewards App
    • Menu Displays
    • Retail Analytics Suite
    • Online Ordering
    • POS & ERP Integration
Responsibility Is Everything.
We go the extra mile to provide legal and safe cannabis.
  • New and Renewal Licensing
  • Product Intake
  • Seed-to-Sale Inventory Tracking
  • Packaging and Labeling Requirements
  • Waste Disposal
  • Record Keeping
  • Transportation Procedures
  • Security Procedures
“Best in the West”.
We are business driven but people focused. Disrupting our industry by empowering our talent to create & grow, connecting their culture to our world.
  • Founder
  • Managing Director
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Operations Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Partner Relations Director
  • Brand Representative
Case Studies
Retail. Reimagined.
We’re driven to help our partners success.
  • Las Vegas Dispensary
  • Santa Ana Dispensary
  • Long Beach Dispensary
  • Los Angeles Dispensary
  • 2 San Diego Dispensaries
  • 6 Long Beach Dispensary Licenses
  • Nationwide Shipping
  • Stash Box
  • Cozy Sesh
  • Rewards App
  • Hall of Flowers
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