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Budtender ReviewsCanndescent Create 312 by Cris
      Picking the right flower for yourself can be tricky at times. Fortunately, Canndescent has cut out the confusion. Canndescent uses the terpene patterns from each strain and categorizes them based on those unique patterns. All flower is grown with only purified water and organic pest management. During packaging, the buds are never touched to ensure virgin, fresh flower upon purchase. Patients can choose from 5 categories: Charge, Connect, Create, Cruise or Calm. My favorite is any of the Create strains because they keep me focused while helping to bring out my creative side.   I picked up the Create 312 1/8th box which included papers, crutches, matches and a hemp wick so you can really taste the terpenes. For this review, I smoked it in a joint and it tasted amazing! This batch had a slight floral scent with earthy notes. It was a really nice balance between the two and had a very botanical taste when burned. My high lasted a few solid hours and I was able to be creative and calm without feeling drowsy. I definitely recommend this strain to writers, painters, or anyone looking for a creative boost!   – Cris (Find me on Instagram)   Check it out: