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Budtender ReviewsMoxie Live Resin Cartridge, Jack The Ripper by Cris
      Moxie has been my favorite extract company since its start. They very recently updated their vape cartridges to enhance your vape experience. This cart does not hit like a normal vape. When you take a hit of this pen it feels like you took a dab! I tried their Jack the Ripper cartridge and it tasted just like the sauce they carry. This strain kept me focused, increased my creativity while simultaneously giving me a subtle body relaxation. The hit tasted refreshing with notes of pine, lemon and slightly floral. This cart tastes true to strain. I recommend this to patients suffering from depression, lack of appetite and/or migraines. I give this a 10 out of 10!   – Cris (Find me on Instagram)   Check it out: We will update you as soon as this project is available again for sale.