Budtender ReviewsHenry's Original Coast CBD 2:1 by Sasha
      Henry’s Originals is an awesome fit for a patient looking to experience flower at its most natural state.  Henry’s flower is cultivated from organic soil, and is Clean Green Certified and tested through ISO Certified Labs for potency and quality.   I was very interested in trying their CBD flower considering they use heirloom plants to create their strains.  Henry’s Original Coast CBD 2:1 pack comes with 4 half- gram joints, each joint provided me a calm and relaxed body high that eliminated all of my body pain. These joints are perfect for those seeking a CBD healing effect as well as casual smoke session that won’t leave you couch locked. I recommend this product for any first time users since the high isn’t spacey and still allows productivity. I definitely enjoyed this product.   – Sasha (Find me on Instagram: @sg.sasha)   Check it out: Henry’s Original Coast CBD Pre Rolls