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Budtender ReviewsPotters Pink Champagne Cartridge by Tess
      Where do I begin? Potters is an all around great product. The experience starts with the packaging. When you open it up, there’s a little message in there with not only a chance to win a battery but a little quote of inspiration. Once I actually tried the cartridge, the experience just kept growing into one of my most positive experiences ever. I purchased their Pink Champagne flavor and it’s just as euphoric and uplifting as cartridges come! The taste is smooth with none of that harsh chemical taste and makes your mouth water. I cant wait to try another flavor.   How to describe the effect… well, it was a whistle while you work sort of high. Made me want to go run a few miles, clean my house, and still have energy to do all the other things that needed to be done. Euphoric and intense, like a cup of espresso… except… in a bubbly pink champagne sort of way! Loved it!   – Tess of ShowGrow Long Beach   Check it out: Potters Pink Champagne THC Cartridge @ ShowGrow