Cannabis Dosing for Newbies

Cannabis Dosing for Newbies

July 31, 2021

New to Cannabis? Not sure how much to take or smoke the first time? When it comes to dosing or amounts we say to “keep it low and go slow”. We also recommend you consume “somewhere you know”. What exactly does all of that mean you ask? Let’s dive in.

First, you’ll want to keep your initial dosing low. Cannabis, specifically THC, affects everyone differently so until you are certain how it affects you personally, keep your doses low. If you’re going with inhalation - joint, pipe, bong, vape, you’ll want to take a hit or two. If you’re going with an oral ingestion method - edible, capsule, or tincture, we recommend sticking to a dose that’s about 5 - 10mg max.

Second, you’ll want to take it sloooooow. Depending on your consumption method, it may take longer to feel the desired effects of THC / CBD. If you’re going with smoking— take a hit or two and then wait a few minutes, about 5 - 10, before going back in for more. This will help you avoid any unwanted potential side effects of paranoia or additional anxiety. If you’re consuming edibles, you’ll want to give yourself a good hour or so before you go in for more. This will allow your body time to digest and release the compounds into your bloodstream. Word to the wise: The edibles don’t hit until they hear you talking crap about them. 

Lastly, we suggest keeping it somewhere you know. If you can, medicate at home or a place that feels like home. Set the vibes with some lights, candles, and music or invite your besties over for pizza + a comedy flick! Familiar settings and folks will provide added comfort for your first cannabis experiences. The last thing anybody wants is to have a bad time! Trust us.

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