Consumption Methods

Consumption Methods

July 31, 2021

Want to get high but don’t know how? Not sure which method is right for you? No sweat! We’ll discuss the three main ways of THC Consumption and at the end you’ll be able to decide which is best for you!

The first, quickest, and oldest method is inhalation. Smoking or inhalation requires some form of combustion, usually fire or a heating mechanism, to activate the THC. Some different ways of consumption, using the inhalation method, are rolled joints or blunts, hand or water pipes, and vaping or dabbing.

Pro Tip: Use ice and/or filters when possible to help filter out the bad and achieve a smoother smoking experience. 

A second, highly preferable method for non-smokers or those who dislike the pungent aroma of cannabis, is oral ingestion. aka Edibles. Cannabis infused drinks/food, ingestible oils, and tinctures are an effective way to achieve many desired effects of THC with a more - health conscious - consumption method when compared to smoking. This method is a bit slower though as it takes more time for the THC to hit the bloodstream. During the digestion process, edibles are broken down and THC is released into the bloodstream. Some orally ingested products, like tinctures, benefit from sublingual application. 

Pro Tip: Hold your tinctures sublingually (under your tongue) for up to 2 minutes to jump start the process.

The final consumption method is topical application. Topicals are typically used for skin, joint, and pain issues due to their application method. There are even products on the market that are able to subdermally penetrate. This allows for more product efficacy and THC entering the bloodstream. 

Pro Tip: Apply topicals (when possible) to forearms near your wrists or on top of your feet where skin is thin and veins are prominent. 

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