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HIGHlights 12.16.18

This week’s HIGHlights at ShowGrow!

ShowGrow Stash Box #002 Launches at ShowGrow Long Beach!!

Stash Box #002 A one time run done by local Long Beach Artist Joon The Goon.
Stop by ShowGrow Long Beach today to pick up this full color, limited edition (only 100 available!) box.
Not only will you get an amazing Stash Box, but we’ve filled it with cannabis!
What’s in the box you ask?
(1) THC Design ShowGrower’s Reserve Member Berry 1/8th
(1) Flav Cartridge 1g
(1) Flav Battery
(1) Mini Elefante Pipe
(1) 1:1 Mary’s Medicinal Patch
(1) Camino Gummies 100mg Pack
(1) Lowell Smokes Preroll
(1) 1964 Lamb’s Bread Preroll Pack
(1) Kikoko Tea
(1) THC Design Tee
(1) ShowGrow Lighter
(1) ShowGrow Slapband

Over $200 in value for only $100 (pre tax).
SG Artist Spotlight: Joon the Goon

ShowGrow’s Reserve: A THC Design Collaboration

Munchies Supreme Episode #006

This Week’s Drop: Member Berry by THC Design

Today’s Deals

  • Flower BOGO $1!!!!
    Details: Buy any 1/8th of flower and receive an 1/8th of Cypress Cannabis for $1!!!!
  • Cartridge BOGO $1!!!!
    Details: Buy any cartridge and pick a cartridge for $1
    May pick from following brands for BOGO $1 : Jetty, Canna Hemp, Moxie, Flav, Delta 9 * must be equal or lesser value than purchased
  • Edible BOGO $1!!!!
    Details: Buy any edible and pick an edible for $1
    May pick from following brands for BOGO $1 : Moon, Altai, Punch, Delta 9, Chong’s * must be equal or lesser value than purchased