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This week’s HIGHlights at ShowGrow!

01/10/20: ShowGrow Stash Box #009 Launches at ShowGrow Long Beach!!

Stash Box #009

A one time run done by Rachel Kettelkamp . This full color, limited edition Stash Box is FILLED with cannabis products and is a limited quantity of 150. Once they’re gone they’re gone forever!

Stashbox #009

What’s in the box you ask?
Over $150 in value for only $54.99 (pre tax)
(1) THC Design 0.5g Top Shelf Preroll (msrp $8)
(1) Pantry Chocolate Gianduja Ganache Bonbon 25mg THC (msrp $45)
(1) Good 0.5g Cartridge (msrp $25)
(1) BAM 1g Live Resin Concentrate (msrp $30)
(1) BAM 1g Blunt (msrp $10)
(1) Gen!us 1g Preroll (msrp $12)
(1) Acrylic Bong (msrp $10)
(1) Custom Stashbox (msrp $40)
(1) Stiiizy Bag, Lanyard, + Sticker (limited edition swag)