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This week’s HIGHlights at ShowGrow!

08/23/19: ShowGrow Stash Box #007 Launched at ShowGrow Long Beach!!

Stash Box #007

A one time run done by Howdy this full color, limited edition (only 100 available!) box filled it with cannabis sold out in under 2 hours!
08/25/19: BEACH CLEAN UP!!
Details: We’re meeting at Veteran’s Pier in Long Beach at 10 am! Our good friends Marley Natural will be providing coffee + pastries for volunteers! Trash bags, gloves and sanitizer will also be provided! Please join us for all the good vibes and give back!

Stashbox #007 SOLD OUT

What’s in the box you ask?
Over $225 in value for only $59.95 (pre tax)
(1) Gen!us 3.5g Top Shelf Flower (msrp $50)
(1) Dollar Dose 5mg THC (msrp $1)
(1) Buddies 1g Live Resin Cartridge (msrp $35)
(1) Buddies Vape Battery (msrp $20)
(1) WYLD 1:1 100mg Gummies (msrp $20)
(1) Kikoko Sensualitea 70mg Tin (msrp $40)
(1) Proof 20:1 Capsule pack (msrp $10)
(1) Bubbler pipe (msrp $10)
(1) Korova 1g preroll (msrp $15)
(1) CBD Hemp Wrap (msrp $2)
(1) Gen!us Rolling Tray + Grinder (limited edition swag)
(1) Korova Lanyard + Sticker (limited edition swag)