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Highly Praised: FilmsJim & Andy 'The Great Beyond '
  Title: Jim & Andy Genre: Documentary Rating: TV MA Availability: Netflix Language: English Product of choice: Rove Waui Cartridge Reviewer: Mikey Score: 92/100   Here’s another Highly Praised ‘Films’ for ya! I hope you liked our last recommendation, RAW (link here). Wanted to talk about a very special documentary this time around, one that really helped open my eyes to the genius that is Jim Carrey. It’s a documentary of Jim Carrey’s biopic on Andy Kauffman. If you need to reread that description once again, I don’t blame you. The film ‘Andy & Me’ is essentially 20 year old footage of Jim Carrey’s time, in all his method acting glory, during the filming of Man on the Moon, a biopic on Andy Kauffman.   I’m a 90’s kid, born in the 80’s but really attaching my childhood to all things 90’s… Sublime, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Sega, Skating, Less Than Jake, MAD Tv, MTV, etc etc. I put this doc off for a bit as I thought it wouldn’t be as powerful to me having not particularly understood Andy Kauffman’s influence too much. Though, as I’ve always had a deep love for comedy, it’s been common knowledge that he’s a hero amongst heroes. After all of the recommendations, I couldn’t resist any longer. With a full tank of Rove’s Maui Waui cartridge, I dove in.   There’s a plethora of Kauffman’s influence seen over the past 30 years… Steve Carell, Tom Green, Sacha Baron, Eric Andre, and the list goes on and on. Andy & Me does a fantastic job of spending the first third of the film giving you Kauffman’s history and building the premise of the documentary. Kauffman was easy to love but even easier to hate. You’ll spend the next third of the film getting an incredible look into how Carrey, in parallel, achieved the amazing feat of getting everyone on set to despise him and be in bewilderment of just how far Carrey was willing to go in order to capture Andy’s essence and being. The final part of the film, well, actually just go and watch it because what will particularly wow you is how amazing it is for us to be able to see all this footage 20 years later!   How much did Carrey have to socially suffer in order to make, not only, Man on the Moon, but Andy & Me! I’ve not seen a film like this and to me, the foresight is incredible. Solid A-, handing it a 92/100.   Excited to hear your thoughts! – Mikey     Product of choice: Rove Waui Cartridge (link)   I love hitting this cart from my Rove Pro pack. I’m lucky enough to have both the Gold and Black editions but something about having the complete set just makes the high that much better. It’s incredibly convenient to pass around and the magnetic cart holder always wows my company. The Waui cart, I’d have to say, is probably my favorite from them. It’s got a great terpene profile, really easy to love, especially for casuals. @ $30 pre tax for the half gram cart, I’m easily able to pull it 20 to 30x a day without feeling like I’m breaking the bank.   The cart will work on any 510 battery that runs 3.2v’s or more. Typically, if you battery has a button on it, Rove carts should work. If it’s just one that heats when you pull on it, it probably won’t work. If you are using the pro pack (highly recommended), hit the button twice to pre heat the cart, hit the button 3 times to change modes as there are 3 modes.   Check it out: