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Highly Praised: FilmsPlanet Earth II
  Title: Planet Earth II Genre: Documentary Rating: TV G Availability: Netflix Language: English Product of choice: Flav Candy Belts Reviewer: Mikey Score: 94/100   Another Highly Praised ‘Films’ for ya! Did you get a chance to watch Jim & Andy? (link here). Choosing another documentary this month because it’s one of those t00-good-not-to-be-mentioned flicks. I’m telling you, take my recommendation above about the Flav candy belts seriously because those together with Planet Earth II is going to be one of the most enjoyable indoor nights with friends ever!   By now you’ve seen Planet Earth, or, if not, have seen clips online. Their second installment offers footage that is simply jaw dropping, even after the shock of their first incredible documentary. There’s one scene where an iguana runs through a field of over 1,000 snakes. It’s incredible & I won’t give away too much but you’ll get a taste of nearly every eco system.   Aside from the visually appealing footage, your auditory senses are going to be in heaven as well! The music is produced by world renowned Hans Zimmer. Btw, Hans Zimmer was my absolute #1 favorite live performance in the past 5 years. He brought out an orchestra  to Coachella 2017 and gave a mind blowing experience in the desert under the night sky. Not enough convincing? Are you a Radiohead fan? Hans Zimmer asked Thom Yorke to contribute to the project and he gladly obliged. That’s right… cannabis + Radiohead + 4K nature footage. Handing Planet Earth II a Solid A, handing it a 94/100. Nobody does it better.   Excited to hear your thoughts! – Mikey     Product of choice: Flav Candy belts (link)   These are amazing. Although they are a bit sweet depending on the flavor you choose, there is a hint a sour which helps balance it out. I love the mango flavor as well as the watermelon apple. I’ve tried them all and you can’t really go wrong. About $10 for the entire bag which comes with 10 pieces that are 10mg each (that’s 100mg total). It’s a great value and an incredibly silly high to enjoy with friends. You’ll love these while watching the movie. They are very much easily dose-able since belts can be cut up into smaller pieces. Be safe but have a blast!     Check it out: