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Highly Praised: FilmsRAW by Julia Ducournau
  Title: RAW Genre: Horror Rating: R Availability: Netflix Language: French Product of choice: Canndescent Connect 410 Reviewer: Mikey Score: 86/100   Alright, our first movie recommendation post! Welcome to Highly Praised! Figured I’d go with one that’s a bit provocative and maybe even a bit… controversial. Well, really what isn’t controversial at this time in society. This French film takes on the meaning of “modern horror” which for most people causes an eye roll, however, I’m finding it to be truly refreshing. Can we please move on from the Insidious franchise now?   Bring back films that helped provoke thought, suspense, & confusion. The Ring (the first one), Paranormal Activity (the first one), Nightcrawler, The Orphanage, Stir of Echoes, It Follows, I Saw Devil… I could go on and on and on! Raw isn’t particularly scary… in the suspense or spooky fashion of being a scary movie. Written AND directed by Julia Ducournau, it’s a beautiful vampire story that develops all the way through the viewing. Garance Marillier does a phenomenal job, I can’t praise her acting in this film enough. She plays Justine, a vegetarian,  who enters her first year of Veterinary school. Her sister already attends the school and is a year older. Drama unfolds but I don’t want to tell you any more. This is one of those “don’t watch the trailer just dive right in” films. Know that there is blood and know that it’s a vampire film (sort of).   Wow, this was a horrible review but you all get the point. Go pick up some fresh flower from our Long Beach shop, invite a friend over, blaze, then give the film a shot. I loved it for what it was… A story that has yet been told. Solid B+, handing it an 86/100.   Excited to hear your thoughts! – Mikey     Product of choice: Canndescent Connect 410 (link) Thought this was the perfect strain to have rolled up for the film. Body was extremely relaxed but it didn’t pass me out. It’s definitely GAS. I felt awake but more importantly I felt focused on the film… are they acting well? Is this set true to vet school? Are there plot holes?   Though my Dibs tasted absolutely fantastic, I never got off track with munchies which is something that happens all the time. May have to run it back with the same strange but venture into some action or adventure type of film. Truly do recommend this strain! It’s currently sitting at $47 dollars pre tax for the 8th but it does come with literally everything… papers… hemp wick… matches… rolling tray, etc. Check it out: