Joints vs Blunts

Joints vs Blunts

July 30, 2021

Joints vs Blunts. Is one more superior than the other? Most will say it’s personal preference and choice -- we’ll tell you why it’s not. First we’ll start with the specifics and mechanics of each, then we’ll tell you which is superior, when, and why.

By definition, joints are cannabis cigarettes tightly rolled in a thin rolling paper. While paper sizes and material vary, most joints contain a crutch or filter that adds stability. Ranging in size and weight, prepackaged joints in dispensaries are typically found to be “mini” or “XL” and weigh anywhere from 0.25g to 1g. 

Blunts are larger than joints and last longer due to the sizing, weight, and wraps used. Traditionally, blunts have become synonymous with tobacco wraps however, health conscious individuals can opt for hemp, palm, or other alternatives. Blunts are wrapped with thicker papers and more cannabis which provides for a slower, longer burn.

For the solitary stoner, we find that joints reign supreme. Loved for their simplicity, joints are small and portable. They can be constructed and consumed in a matter of moments. Joints are the best for casual or daily cannabis connoisseurs and can even be shared with friends.

For the professional partakers, we find that blunts are boss. They’re great because they’re big enough to quench even the biggest stoner’s appetite. Slow burning while containing a substantial amount to get even those with the highest of tolerances blitzed.  

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