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ShowInvisibl Skratch Picklz

In February, we had the wonderful opportunity given to us by our friends MDA, Modern Disco Ambassadors, to host the world famous Invisibl Skratch Piklz (Beat Junkies reference *cough*) at the Wayfarer, a local venue in Costa Mesa, Orange County. For those who have followed turntablism at any point in their lives, you’re already very aware of their presence in the scene and how cemented they are into hip hop culture. For those not too much in the know, if you’re fans of hip hop, we implore you to YouTube any of the following: Qbert, A Trak, Mix Master Mike.

The turntable legends performed their 13th Floor album and it stirred up a lot of feelings for the sold out crowd. Hip hop was in the air, true hip hop. We’re talking A Tribe Called Quest, Beatnuts, Wu Tang, & Lords of the Underground sort of hip hop. The familiar scent of cannabis was in no shortage either. All in all, we’d say it was one of those moments that would make the Rock Stead Crew proud.   A huge thank you to MDA, The Wayfarer, Q Bert, Shortkut, D Styles, & of course you, our followers. Until next time.