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  • Credit Cards
    Credit Card Processors (Visa, Mastercard) prohibit the use of their credit cards to purchase marijuana. Reputable dispensaries may offer the use of ATM transactions, however credit card transactions are still a rarity.
  • Leafly
    Leafly provides strain specific information, reviews, and dispensaries nearby that offer the strain. It’s often credited as the ‘go to’ for strain knowledge.
  • Weedmaps
    Weedmaps provides information about dispensaries near a consumers area. Weedmaps is a great destination to review how a dispensary serves their patients and customers in the nearby area.
  • CBD
    CBD is advertised as providing relief for anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. CBD is different from THC in that it doesn’t produce a “high” feeling.
  • What does ‘420’ Mean?
    Rumor has it that in the ’70s the term ‘420’ originated from a group of high school students who met each day at 4:20pm to smoke weed.
  • Classic/Legacy Strains
    A collection of the original strains that go way back that newer strains can trace their lineage.
  • Dab
    Inhaling the vapor of potent cannabis extract.
  • What is a Blunt?
    A blunt is a joint that is rolled in a tabacco leaf. The nicotine adds an effect, while the thickness allows for a slower/longer lasting burn.
  • How to roll a joint
    Practice a lot, or buy prerolls.
  • Carts & Vape
    Cartridges are filled with THC/CBD extracts to be consumed by using a battery to heat the extract to produce a potent vapor.
  • Terpenes
    Terpenes are the individual characteristics and compounds that make up a weed strain.
    • Myrcene: Calming, Herbal
    • Pinene: Relaxing, Pine
    • Caryophyllene: Calming, Peppery
    • Limonene: Citrusy, Motivating
    • Terpinolene: Fruity, Energizing
  • How weed is weighed
    • Edibles are measured in MG’s of THC that are added. 5MG – 100MG is the typical range.
    • Carts are typically filled with either a half gram or a full gram of THC extract
    • Bud
      • Bud/Flower starts at the gram level and works up to an ounce.
      • 3.5 Grams is the most typical size consumers purchase.
      • 1 Gram is equivalent to a decent sized joint.
  • Hybrid Effects
    New strains being introduced everyday, each having a unique terpene profile. The effects can vary widely across strains. It’s recommended to try each strain, at least twice
  • Sativa Effects
    Energetic, Euphoric
  • Indica Effects
    Calming, Relaxing
  • Big Nugs vs Little Nugs
    Big Nugs: More Stems
    Little Nugs: Less Stems
    Stems: Suck
  • Bud & Flower
    Bud and flower both refer to the smokable “bud” of a marijuana plant. Often coming in “nugs”.
  • Budtender
    A budtender is a dispensary worker that guides customers to selecting the approriate cannabis product. Similar to a Sommelier.
  • Taxes
    • Retail: Typical retail sales tax
    • Excise: A city/state tax that is placed on cannabis
  • Recreational Dispensaries
    Anyone with a valid photo id can purchase marijuana from licensed adult-use recreational dispensaries in cities that permit adult-use sales. Cities often increase the tax rate for recreational purchases at cannabis shops.
  • Medical Dispensaries
    Medical dispensaries requires a doctors recommendation. Cities often reduce the tax rate for medicinal patients. Most cannabis shops also provide special conveniences and perks to their medicinal patients.

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