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Best Selling Vapes

Las Vegas, Nevada Pineapple Express Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a top-shelf Sativa vape option. This 0.85g pod offers a generous dose of THC content at 92.08% in its total package, gearing it towards experienced users. Engineered for a smooth and satisfying vaping experience, it delivers the potency and flavor of Pineapple Express in every puff.
Pineapple Express Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Blue Dream Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a Sativa-dominant vape with a robust THC content of 88.85%. This premium vape offers a flawless blend of cannabinoid and terpene profiles to deliver a potent and powerful high. As a live resin product, it retains the rich flavor and entourage effects of the original plant. In a compact 0.85g pod package, it's perfect for on-the-go usage and discrete enjoyment. The high potency and rich flavor make it popular among regular vape users.
Blue Dream Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Maui Waui Live Resin Diamond Pod is a sativa-dominant vape product by rove, boasting an impressive THC content of 91.7%. This 0.85g package offers users a potent and high-quality vaping experience, encapsulating the true essence of the Maui Waui strain.
Maui Waui Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Cherry Gelato Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove boasts a unique product offering, showcasing an Indica-dominant blend with a potent THC content of 92.16%. With a weight of 0.85g, it is known for delivering a rich, complex and indulging vaping experience.
Cherry Gelato Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Apple Jack Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a sativa vape featuring a robust 90.3% THC content. This 0.85g pod wraps a top-tier live resin experience in a potent, stylish, and discreet package. By choosing only the finest cannabis for extraction, Rove delivers pure cannabis oil that is appreciated by both recreational and medical patients alike.
Apple Jack Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Fruit Punch Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g) sativa vape by Rove' is a potent and flavorful offering enriched with an impressive THC content of 90.77%. This vape packs a flavorful punch true to its name, with a vibrant array of fruit essence and sweet tones. Its live resin composition ensures a superior, fresh-from-the-plant experience.
Fruit Punch Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Sherbet Cartridge (0.85g) indica vape by rove' contains a THC content of 90.54%. This premium vape offers a potent and consistent cannabis experience, making it a go-to choice for consumers looking for a quality high. Enjoy the herbal richness of this cartridge which is made with high-quality cannabis oil fit for your vaping delights.
Sherbet Cartridge (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The GSC Pod (0.9g) indica vape by airo is a high-quality vape cartridge that boasts a THC content of 81.56%. This premium vape material is specially formulated to offer a rich, intense and full-bodied vapor experience.
GSC Pod (0.9g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Cereal Milk Cartridge (0.95g) indica vape by church' is a high-quality, pre-filled vape cartridge delivering 81.89% THC. Manufactured by Church Cannabis Company, it offers a powerful and pleasant experience. This specific product, containing 0.95g, will likely suit those looking for a potent and long-lasting vaping session.
Cereal Milk Cartridge (0.95g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Creamsicle Cartridge (0.85g) indica vape by Bounti is a sophisticated product with a high THC content of 86.96%. This potent option provides a powerful and smooth vaping experience for users looking for intense THC concentration. The product is designed with a unique, easy-to-use cartridge system, making it a popular choice for on-the-go and discreet use.
Creamsicle Cartridge (0.85g)
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Best Selling Bud

Las Vegas, Nevada Lemon Cherry Gelato (28g) by Kannabis is an indica-dominant flower, known for its unique flavor profile and is infused with a THC content of 20.25%. Each package is neatly sealed, ensuring freshness and quality with 702 total packages available.
Lemon Cherry Gelato (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Purple Goats (28g) sativa flower by Prime is a potent strain delivering an energizing, cerebral high. With a THC content of 27.54%, it promises a powerful and robust experience that both novices and veteran users will appreciate.
Purple Goats (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Wookies (14g) Indica Flower by Polaris is a powerful and potent strain with a THC content of 25.29%. This top-quality Indica flower provides an ultra-relaxed and euphoric experience, helping you lose yourself in its deep, peaceful effects. Perfect for late-night sessions and those seeking help with sleep.
Wookies (14g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Blue Maui (14g) sativa flower by polaris is a potent cannabis strain with a THC content of 23.76%. Known for its vibrant blue hues and intense fruity flavor, this flower delivers a powerful, uplifting high and energizing experience.
Blue Maui (14g)
Las Vegas, Nevada LA Poison (14g) sativa flower by Polaris is a premium cannabis product with a THC content of 23.25%. This exquisite sativa flower brings a unique experience by providing an uplifting and invigorating cerebral high that will leave consumers feeling creative, energetic and focused.
LA Poison (14g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Master X Bubba Kush by Polaris is a premium Indica flower, carefully selected for its 21.85% THC content. This flower is harvested and meticulously cured to provide a robust and mature experience for the discerning enthusiast. It hails from the lush cultivation facilities of Polaris, reinforcing the company's commitment to quality and potency. Packaged in a 14g batch, it ensures a long-lasting session for a comfortable night in.
Master X Bubba Kush (14g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Super Good's Carbon Fiber (14g) indica flower offers a potent THC content of 25.78%. Crafted with care, this high-quality variety presents a richly aromatic and flavorful experience that's both satisfying and enjoyable.
Carbon Fiber (14g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Bob Hope by Super Good is a Sativa flower with an exceptional THC content of 23.92%. This strain boasts a dense, brilliantly green bud structure with a decent dusting of trichomes, lending to its potency and visually stimulating appeal.
Bob Hope (14g)
Las Vegas, Nevada 'Legend OG (14g) is a top-tier Indica flower delight by Super Good. Distinguished by its THC content of 20.38%, it's known for its potent effects, making it a choice pick for those in search of a deeply relaxing and soothing experience.
Legend OG (14g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Jenny Kush (3.5g) indica flower by Cultivation Labs is a potent strain with a THC content of 32.69%. This popular strain provides a strong indica-dominant experience that is both relaxing and potent.
Jenny Kush (3.5g)
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Best Selling Prerolls

Las Vegas, Nevada The Garlic Cookies Diamond (1g) indica preroll by Mammoth Labs is a premium, pre-rolled joint packed with a pure, potent blend of the Garlic Cookies strain. It boasts a high THC content of 61.1%, providing consumers with a powerful, lasting high.
Garlic Cookies Diamond(1g) *NOT REDEEMABLE* (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Onion Ring Diamond is a premium Indica preroll brought to you by Mammoth Labs. With a high THC content around 65.52%, this preroll is designed to deliver a potent and satisfying usage experience. It has been expertly crafted using the highest quality Indica strains, providing customers with a smooth hit and a robust flavor.
Onion Ring Diamond(1g) *NOT REDEEMABLE* (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Sugar Cane Diamond(1g) sativa preroll by Mammoth Labs' is a potent sativa-dominant preroll that boasts a total pack THC content of 66.8%. It gives smokers a strong rush, creating an optimized experience for those in search of a high-THC product.
Sugar Cane Diamond(1g) *NOT REDEEMABLE* (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Zoo Dawg Hash Rosin(1g) is a pure indica preroll by the grower circle. Packaged intensively with a THC content of 49.76%, it delivers a strong body effect that is potent and appropriately intense for seasoned users.
Zoo Dawg Hash Rosin(1g) *NOT REDEEMABLE* (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Rove: Waui Moon Rock (1g) is a premium sativa preroll by Presidential. With a strong THC content of 43.47%, it is expertly made to provide a smooth, potent, high-quality smoke.
Rove: Waui Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Watermelon Moon Rock(1g) indica preroll by Presidential is a highly potent, top-shelf preroll enveloping a strong and alluring watermelon scent. Weighing at 1 gram and boasting a total THC content of 44.54%, this product stands among the upper echelons of the cannabis market.
Watermelon Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Rove: Skywalker Moon Rock(1g) indica preroll' by 'presidential' is a premium cannabis product offering a high THC content of 48.12%. This preroll provides an experience focused on potency and richness
Rove: Skywalker Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Strawberry Moon Rock(1g) indica preroll by presidential is a potent, all-natural pre-rolled joint filled with high-quality indica dominant cannabis. It boasts a whopping THC content of 38.17%, providing users with an incredibly strong and long-lasting high. Encased in a 1-gram package, this preroll is ideal for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs looking for the next level of intensity.
Strawberry Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Blue Raspberry Moon Rock Indica Preroll by Presidential is a 1g cannabis joint with an impressive 37.92% THC content. This preroll offers a smooth, potent experience and is perfect for those looking for relaxation and tranquility after a long day.
Blue Raspberry Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Classic Moon Rock Indica Preroll by Presidential is a sensational blend of high-quality indica strain smothered in potent hash oil and dusted with delicate kief. With a hefty THC content of 38.18%, this preroll unfurls a powerful and immersive smoking experience that lulls the mind and body into a state of deep relaxation and tranquility.
Classic Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
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Best Selling Edibles

Las Vegas, Nevada The '20mg 30pk (600mg) hybrid edible by Indotabs' is a high-quality THC infused product, popular in the 702 area. Each package contains 30 pieces of 20mg THC tablets, totaling 600mg per package. The THC content is a staggering 556.5%, offering a robust intensity for recreational or medicinal use. Designed for slow ingestion, this product allows for a sustained, controlled experience.
20mgs 30pk (0.6g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Watermelon (500mg) hybrid edible is a potently satisfying product from Evergreen Organix. Each unit is packed with a powerful THC content that reaches over 519.14% in the total package, delivering a strong and lasting high with just a small measure of the edible.
Watermelon(500mg) *MEDICAL PATIENTS ONLY* (0.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Fruit Punch Gummies (500mg) by Evergreen Organix is a hybrid edible known for its punchy, alluring fruit flavour and potent THC count. Each package contains a total THC content of 516.63%, offering an intense, delightful adventure for seasoned users. An all-around balanced treat, these gummies combine the best of both worlds for a truly indulgent and unique gummy experience.
Fruit Punch Gummies (0.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Elderberry CBD-CBN(500mg) cbd edible by wyld cbd is a premium quality, all-natural edible that combines the soothing properties of CBD and CBN in a delicious elderberry flavor. This product is designed to offer a calming experience for the consumer.
Elderberry CBD-CBN(500mg) ()
Las Vegas, Nevada The Indica RSO Applicator (1g) by Cannavative is a pure, high-quality edible dispensary product. This Indica RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is carefully extracted to deliver a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile. It provides a strong Indica effect ideal for nighttime use, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of calm.
Indica RSO Applicator (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN(100mg) cbd edible by Gron offers a robust combination of CBN and CBD with a THC content of 102.85%. This delicious, potent concoction offers a relaxing and uplifting experience, lightly infused with the tangy combination of blackberry and lemonade to make dosing a delectable experience.
Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN(100mg) (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Midnight Blueberry 5:1 CBN(100mg) hybrid edible by Camino presents a delicious way to experience a potent blend of THC and CBD. With a staggering 96.4% total THC content per package, this edible is sure to deliver a potent and lasting effect. It's enhanced with the sweet and fruity taste of blueberry, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your cannabis experience.
Midnight Blueberry 5:1 CBN(100mg) (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Blueberry Lemonade 3:1 CBG (100mg) Hybrid Edible by Gron is a refreshing and potent edible with a THC content of 95.93%. It's designed to deliver a balanced and strong hybrid effect to users, making it ideal for both recreational and medicinal use.
Blueberry Lemonade 3:1 CBG(100mg) (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Pomegranate 4:1(100mg) cbd edible by gron is a luscious treat infused with premium cannabis and natural pomegranate flavor. It exhibits an exceptionally high THC content of 94.02%, offering a potent dose for those seeking strong effects. The entire package is rich in cannabinoids, maintaining a total of 702mg. With its tasteful composition and superior quality, it is well-liked among consumers.
Pomegranate 4:1(100mg) (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Sunset Punch Rosin Gummy Bites hybrid edible by Flight Bites offer an enjoyable and potent edible experience. Infused with 100mg of THC, they provide a relaxing and euphoric effect that is perfect for both recreational and medicinal use. The sunset punch flavor profile adds a fruity and tangy touch to your enjoyment.
Sunset Punch Rosin Gummy Bites (100mg)
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