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Best Selling Vapes

Las Vegas, Nevada The Granddaddy Purp Live Resin Diamond Pod from Rove is a potent indica-dominant vape with a high concentration of THC. This quality product offers the users an immersive experience with every use. Filled with 0.85g of resin, it possesses a THC content of 90.15% for an intense, potent journey.
Granddaddy Purp Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Skywalker OG Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a high intensity indica vape, providing consumers with a potent dosage of 89.75% THC content. This premium vape cartridge features superior quality live resin extracted from freshly harvested Skywalker OG cannabis plants, ensuring the preservation of the authentic flavors and cannabinoids.
Skywalker OG Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Pineapple Express Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a top-shelf Sativa vape option. This 0.85g pod offers a generous dose of THC content at 92.08% in its total package, gearing it towards experienced users. Engineered for a smooth and satisfying vaping experience, it delivers the potency and flavor of Pineapple Express in every puff.
Pineapple Express Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Blue Dream Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a Sativa-dominant vape with a robust THC content of 88.85%. This premium vape offers a flawless blend of cannabinoid and terpene profiles to deliver a potent and powerful high. As a live resin product, it retains the rich flavor and entourage effects of the original plant. In a compact 0.85g pod package, it's perfect for on-the-go usage and discrete enjoyment. The high potency and rich flavor make it popular among regular vape users.
Blue Dream Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Maui Waui Live Resin Diamond Pod is a sativa-dominant vape product by rove, boasting an impressive THC content of 91.7%. This 0.85g package offers users a potent and high-quality vaping experience, encapsulating the true essence of the Maui Waui strain.
Maui Waui Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Watermelon Zkittlez Live Resin Diamond Pod is a high-potency indica vape by Rove. It contains a whopping 89.19% THC content, delivering a powerful, invigorating experience with every puff. The 0.85g pod is perfect for on-the-go use or for a relaxing inhale at home.
Watermelon Zkittlez Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Fruit Punch Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g) sativa vape by Rove' is a potent and flavorful offering enriched with an impressive THC content of 90.77%. This vape packs a flavorful punch true to its name, with a vibrant array of fruit essence and sweet tones. Its live resin composition ensures a superior, fresh-from-the-plant experience.
Fruit Punch Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Cherry Gelato Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove boasts a unique product offering, showcasing an Indica-dominant blend with a potent THC content of 92.16%. With a weight of 0.85g, it is known for delivering a rich, complex and indulging vaping experience.
Cherry Gelato Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Apple Jack Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a sativa vape featuring a robust 90.3% THC content. This 0.85g pod wraps a top-tier live resin experience in a potent, stylish, and discreet package. By choosing only the finest cannabis for extraction, Rove delivers pure cannabis oil that is appreciated by both recreational and medical patients alike.
Apple Jack Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Waui Cartridge by Rove is a sativa dominant vape that comes in a 0.85g package, delivering an impressive THC content of 88.09%. This product offers a smooth and potent vaping experience for those seeking a mindful elevation or energizing kick. Famed for its rich, clear flavor profile and high potency, it provides a well-rounded head high that goes hand in hand with its bold flavors.
Waui Cartridge (0.85g)
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Best Selling Bud

Las Vegas, Nevada Purple Goats (28g) sativa flower by Prime is a potent strain delivering an energizing, cerebral high. With a THC content of 27.54%, it promises a powerful and robust experience that both novices and veteran users will appreciate.
Purple Goats (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Head Cheese by Polaris is a bold Sativa flower delivering a high THC content of 21.2%. The strength of this flower lets one experience the sheer power of nature's remedies, in a perfectly refined and expertly cultivated plant. Its distinctive aroma and flavor are intoxicating, pioneering a new way to enjoy the best that Mother Nature has to offer.
Head Cheese (14g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Ice Cream Cake Sativa flower by Polaris is a premium cannabis product with a THC content of 20.02%. This quality flower provides a strong, uplifting high that invigorates the senses and excites the mind, making it an excellent choice for daytime use.
Ice Cream Cake (14g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Jenny Kush (3.5g) indica flower by Cultivation Labs is a potent strain with a THC content of 32.69%. This popular strain provides a strong indica-dominant experience that is both relaxing and potent.
Jenny Kush (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Modified Banana (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Electrolime (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Jungle Pie (3.5g) is a first-rate indica flower cultivated by Greenway Medical. With an impressive THC content of 34.2%, this rich and potent strain offers users a balanced and satisfactory high. Totaling a package of 702, it is ideal for personal use or sharing with friends.
Jungle Pie (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Head Cheese (3.5g) sativa flower by Polaris is a finely curated cannabis strain that boasts a THC content of 26.26%, effectively setting the stage for an invigorating and cerebral high. This flower renders a euphoria-laden experience that will leave you wanting more.
Head Cheese (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada 702 Headband by blvd is a high-quality indica flower, featuring a couldn't-be-higher THC level of 30.91%. This premium product promises a potent and purifying experience for users, ideal for a just-in-time weekend rest or evening relaxation.
702 Headband (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Diamond Dust by Virtue is a sativa-dominant hybrid flower. With an impressive THC content of 29.05%, this potent strain is known for delivering a rich, vibrant cannabis experience.
Diamond Dust (3.5g)
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Best Selling Prerolls

Las Vegas, Nevada The Peach Mango Moon RockBlunt by Presidential is a potent Indica preroll with a THC content of 45.19%. This 1.5g preroll ensures you're in for a deeply relaxing and powerful experience.
Peach Mango Moon Rock Blunt (1.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Nature's Chemistry: Garlic Cookies Moon Rock Blunt (1.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Blackout Cherries Diamond (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Pineapple Moon Rock(1g) indica preroll by Presidential is a potent and pleasantly flavored product. Harmonizing the rich, robust attributes of indica, it sets the stage for a vivid, relaxing experience. Each preroll package delivers a whopping 41.69% THC content, suggesting an intense, deep-reaching high that can manage physical discomfort while promoting a tranquilising mood elevation.
Pineapple Moon Rock (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Diamond: Onion Ring is a powerful Indica pre-roll from Nature's Chemistry. With a strong THCa count of 31.33%, this pre-roll promises a potent and unique experience. Offered in a convenient 1g size, this pre-roll is often appreciated by consumers for its high potency and smooth smoke. Nature's Chemistry Diamond preroll is packed with quality material, resulting in a satisfying and consistent product.
Diamond: Onion Ring (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Diamond: Garlic Cookies Indica Preroll by Nature's Chemistry is a high-quality cannabis product with a THC content of 31.31%. This potent preroll provides a heavy and long-lasting high, ideal for experienced users seeking a powerful twist to their smoking experience.
Diamond: Garlic Cookies (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Nature's Chemistry: Mr. White 2pkPrerolls (1g) is a sativa preroll by Rove. Packaged with a total THC content of 35.16%, these prerolls offer a potent package designed for discerning cannabis connoisseurs. Each pack includes two prerolls for maximum convenience and enjoyment.
Nature's Chemistry: Mr. White 2pks (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada King Louis XIII Indica Pre-roll by Stiiizy, weighing 1 gram, offers an intoxicatingly potent punch of THC with a total package content of 32.98%. This superb pre-roll is lauded for its high-quality construction, as well as its deeply relaxing, sedative effects
King Louis XIII (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Real McCoy: Glitter Bomb 2pkPrerolls by Rove is a richly potent indica preroll with a THX content of 34.96%. These carefully crafted prerolls are conveniently packed in a two-pack totaling 1g and provide a user-friendly, ready-to-use experience.
The Real McCoy: Glitter Bomb 2pks (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Gelato Indica Preroll by Stiiizy is a potent cannabis product containing 34.09% total THC. Packing a comprehensive 1g of high-quality ground flower, this preroll offers a streamlined experience for users, removing the work of rolling and preparing. Easy to use and fast-acting, this preroll offers experienced smokers a top-notch experience with a high THC content.
Gelato (1g)
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Best Selling Edibles

Las Vegas, Nevada '100mgs 8pk (800mg) Hybrid Edible by Indotabs' is a potent THC-infused product designed to deliver a balanced and robust cannabis experience. This product packs a significant punch, with THC content reaching to 786.72%, providing an intense psychedelic high that caters to experienced cannabis users seeking powerful effects.
100mgs 8pk (0.8g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The '20mg 30pk (600mg) hybrid edible by Indotabs' is a high-quality THC infused product, popular in the 702 area. Each package contains 30 pieces of 20mg THC tablets, totaling 600mg per package. The THC content is a staggering 556.5%, offering a robust intensity for recreational or medicinal use. Designed for slow ingestion, this product allows for a sustained, controlled experience.
20mgs 30pk (0.6g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Guava Solventless Hash Rosin by Good Tide is a heavily potent and hybrid edible with a staggering THC content of 111.2%. This product is ideal for those who need a strong, lasting effect and enjoy an intense experience. The 100mg hybrid edible is known for its high-quality and perfect crafting that promises a clean and full-flavored burst of guava, while delivering the desired effects.
Guava Solventless Hash rosin (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Pineapple Solventless Hash Rosin by Good Tide is a hybrid edible that delivers a powerful experience. This package contains a total of 100mg of THC with a 108.8% total THC content, making it carefully crafted to ensure maximum potency and high quality.
Pineapple Solventless Hash rosin (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN(100mg) cbd edible by Gron offers a robust combination of CBN and CBD with a THC content of 102.85%. This delicious, potent concoction offers a relaxing and uplifting experience, lightly infused with the tangy combination of blackberry and lemonade to make dosing a delectable experience.
Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Sunset Punch Rosin Gummy Bites hybrid edible by Flight Bites offer an enjoyable and potent edible experience. Infused with 100mg of THC, they provide a relaxing and euphoric effect that is perfect for both recreational and medicinal use. The sunset punch flavor profile adds a fruity and tangy touch to your enjoyment.
Sunset Punch rosin Gummy Bites (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Pomegranate 4:1(100mg) cbd edible by gron is a luscious treat infused with premium cannabis and natural pomegranate flavor. It exhibits an exceptionally high THC content of 94.02%, offering a potent dose for those seeking strong effects. The entire package is rich in cannabinoids, maintaining a total of 702mg. With its tasteful composition and superior quality, it is well-liked among consumers.
Pomegranate 4:1 (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Midnight Blueberry 5:1 CBN(100mg) hybrid edible by Camino presents a delicious way to experience a potent blend of THC and CBD. With a staggering 96.4% total THC content per package, this edible is sure to deliver a potent and lasting effect. It's enhanced with the sweet and fruity taste of blueberry, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your cannabis experience.
Midnight Blueberry 5:1 CBN (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Tangelo 2:1:1(100mg) sativa edible by Gron is a THC-infused product that delivers a potent and uplifting experience, creating an energizing and creative high due to its sativa dominance. This edible boasts a high THC content of 99.88%, pushing limits to offer users an intense recreational and medicinal experience.
Tangelo 2:1:1 (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Rainbow Crunch Rosin Gummy Bites (100mg) by Flight Bites is an intensely potent hybrid edible. With a whopping THC content of 99.86%, this product is designed for those with high tolerance levels. Each pack contains delicious, rainbow-colored gummy bites infused with high-quality rosin, delivering a powerful, fast-acting effect.
Rainbow Crunch rosin Gummy Bites (100mg)
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