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Best Selling Vapes

Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Maui Waui Live Resin Diamond(0.85g) Sativa vape by rove' is a top-quality vape product that boasts a staggering THC content of 93.71%. This product derives its enticing charm from extraordinary purity and potency, delivering a clean, smooth, and natural vaping experience that is unlike any other. This Sativa-based liquid brings the energizing, uplifting and creative qualities of the strain into its makeup, without any extra additives or distillates.
Maui Waui Live Resin Diamond(0.85g) *DIAMONDBATTERY REQUIRED* (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Blue Dream Live Resin Diamond(0.85g) Sativa-Dominant Hybrid vape by Rove packs the power of high-quality sativa-dominant hybrids in one convenient unit. Its concentration boasts an impressive 90.53% total THC content, offering a potent, unparalleled vaping experience.
Blue Dream Live Resin Diamond(0.85g) *DIAMONDBATTERY REQUIRED* (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Skywalker OG Live Resin Diamond (0.85g) Indica vape by Rove is a powerhouse product with a high THC content of 91.05%. This strong Indica leaning vape offers intense relaxation, perfect for those seeking for an end-of-the-day unwind or looking for help with sleep.
Skywalker OG Live Resin Diamond(0.85g) *DIAMONDBATTERY REQUIRED* (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Northern Lights(0.8g) Indica vape by airo is a powerful vaporizer that delivers a delightful cannabis experience. It has a THC content of 85.82%, offering a potent, smooth, and unforgettable journey for those who use it. This vape combines the convenience of a modern vaping tool with the intensity of a superior-quality Indica strain, giving its users an efficient method to inhale cannabis extracts.
Northern Lights(0.8g) *BATTERY REQUIRED* (0.8g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Kush (0.85g) Indica vape by Rove is a potent vape with a high THC content of 94.01%. Designed for experienced users, this premium product offers intense effects and a distinct experience.
Kush(0.85g) (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Blue Dream (0.8g) Sativa-Dominant Hybrid vape by Airo is a potent vape product offering a THC content of 86.62%. This vape provides a smooth and intense experience, making it a popular choice for both novice and experienced users. Its package comes in a sleek design that promotes convenience and discretion.
Blue Dream(0.8g) *BATTERY REQUIRED* (0.8g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Punch (0.85g) Sativa vape by Rove is a highly potent concentrate with a THC content of 90.51%. Each package contains 702 total units, boasting a rich and flavorful experience with every draw. It's crafted exclusively from top-shelf cannabis blends, ensuring a consistently smooth and mood-lifting experience.
Punch(0.85g) (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Waui (0.85g) Sativa vape by rove is a premium quality product composed of 95.14% THC. It offers a smooth and high-end vaping experience by featuring natural plant-derived terpenes. Ideal for Sativa lovers who seek an intense and delightful head-high experience.
Waui(0.85g) (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Skywalker (0.85g) Indica vape by rove' is a potent vape cartridge, that boasts an impressive THC content of 91.32%. This Indica-dominant vape offers a full-bodied, long-lasting relaxation. A true testament to the rich heritage of the Skywalker lineage, it is a favorite among seasoned cannabis consumers.
Skywalker(0.85g) (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Sherbet (0.85g) Indica-Dominant Hybrid vape by Rove stands as a great vaping choice with its high THC content of 91.59%. It is known for delivering a unique vaping experience with each use. The package total offerings amount to 702.
Sherbet(0.85g) (0.85g)
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Best Selling Bud

Las Vegas, Nevada Wedding Crashers (28g) Indica-Dominant Hybrid flower by prime, with a THC content of 23.87%, offers users a potent and relaxing experience. Its vibrant, dense buds are rich in resin, signaling the powerful effects lying within this highly sought-after strain.
Wedding Crashers (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Gelato Glue (28g) Indica flower by prime' is a potent cannabis strain with a THC content of 24.74%, guaranteed to provide a powerful full-bodied high. Packaged to perfection in a 702g batch, it's an excellent choice for experienced users seeking a relaxing and calming experience.
Gelato Glue (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Code Orange (28g) Indica flower by prime is a powerful cannabis strain with a THC content of 16.97%. Packaged in 702, this top-shelf flower offers a uniquely potent experience for cannabis connoisseurs.
Code Orange (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Jenny Kush (3.5g) Indica flower by cultivation labs is a high potency strain developed for those who desire an intense, full-body relaxation experience. It carries a THC content of 34.52%, making it quite powerful and suited for experienced consumers.
Jenny Kush (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Diamond: Onion Ring (3.5g) Indica flower by Nature's Chemistry mark a high-end selection of cannabis with remarkable quality and THC content of 31.81%. Cultivated with meticulous care, each particle in the package promises an immersive experience spiraling directly from nature's lap.
Diamond: Onion Ring (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Diamond: Cosmic is a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid flower with a high THC content of 31.92%, curated by Nature's Chemistry. This unique flower strikes a harmonious balance, offering euphoric cerebral effects typical of Sativa strains with the pain-relieving benefits of Indica. It delivers a cosmic high that elevates mood, stimulates creativity and provides a long-lasting, joyful energy.
Diamond: Cosmic (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Diamond: Garmosa (3.5g) Indica-Dominant Hybrid flower by nature's chemistry is a potent concoction with a lavish THC content (31.65%). This high-quality Indica-Dominant Hybrid is a favorite amongst amateur and veteran cannabis enthusiasts for its meticulously cultivated and rich cannabinoids.
Diamond: Garmosa (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Head Cheese (3.5g) Sativa-Dominant Hybrid flower by Polaris is a premium cannabis strain with an impressive THC content of 26.26%. This product stands out due to its skillful cultivation and strong potency, effectively delivering enjoyable cannabis effects to consumers.
Head Cheese (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Triangle Mints (3.5g) Indica-Dominant Hybrid flower by greenway medical is a superior quality, potent cannabis flower. With its high THC content of 28.29%, users can expect a heavy-hitting, intense high that can ease stress and provide relaxation.
Triangle Mints (3.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Master X Bubba Kush by Polaris is a top-shelf indica flower. With a THC content of 25.3%, this potent and dense strain offers the classic body relaxation and pain relief of indicas, wrapped in a 3.5g package. The buds are known for their deep green hues interspersed with vibrant, orange hairs.
Master X Bubba Kush (3.5g)
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Best Selling Prerolls

Las Vegas, Nevada Strawberry Moon Rock(1g) Indica preroll by Presidential offers an experience rich in flavor and potent in its impact. This preroll, with its THC content of an impressive 60.86%, provides a long-lasting, intense high that invigorates the senses and elevates the mood.
Strawberry Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Classic Moon Rock (1g) Indica preroll by Presidential is a potent product with THC content of 39.08%. This high-quality, mesmerizing, and mind-soothing preroll is derived from premium Indica strains, offering an intense and long-lasting effect.
Classic Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Peach Mango Moon Rock by Presidential is a 1g Indica preroll with a potent THC content of 48.22%. Unwind with this premium preroll for a relaxing and euphoric experience.
Peach Mango Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Grape Moon Rock (1g) Indica preroll by Presidential is a high potent, premium-grade Indica-dominant pre-rolled joint enriched with a THC content of 32.44%. It is packed with richly flavored cannabis cut and wrapped to deliver an unforgettable experience of a smooth, even-burning smoke complemented by the earthy-sweetness of grape indulgence.
Grape Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Nature's Chemistry: Blue Hash Plant 2pks (1g) Preroll by Rove presents a high-quality Indica-dominant hybrid preroll with a potent THC content of 34.15%. A master blend of Blue Hash and an unknown plant strain, this preroll packs a powerful, deeply soothing, and euphoric effect that makes it perfect for unwinding.
Nature's Chemistry: Blue Hash Plant 2pks (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada King Louis(1g) Indica preroll by stiiizy is a powerful preroll product designed to deliver full-body relaxation with its high THC content of 35.45%. This preroll is renowned for its potent effects and is often chosen for managing stress and pain.
King Louis(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Strawnana (1g) Indica-Dominant Hybrid preroll by stiiizy is a delightful mix of sweet strawberry and banana flavor with a high THC content of 35.97%. This fully reliable pre-roll offers a consistent, quality smoke, setting it apart in the vast preroll market. With a total package weight of 702, this product is all set to deliver an intriguing experience for consumers.
Strawnana(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Gelato(1g) Indica-Dominant Hybrid preroll by stiiizy is a premium cannabis product, tailored to deliver a high-quality, potent experience. With a THC content of 38.22%, it's built for those seeking potency and a robust Indica effect. The smooth roll and consistent burn ensure a long-lasting, enjoyable session.
Gelato(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Watermelon Zkittles (1g) Indica-Dominant Hybrid preroll by stiiizy is a premium, hard-hitting blend that packs a punch with a THC content of 37.26%. This preroll offers consumers top-notch experience with convenience. The dense smoke delivers a refreshing watermelon flavor, coupled with the sweet and tangy notes of the Zkittles.
Watermelon Zkittles(1g) (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Purple Punch (1g) by STIIIZY is an Indica preroll, admirable for its potent THC content of 34.14%. Carefully curated in a sleek and convenient package, it presents a convenience that surpasses your typical cannabis consumption means.
Purple Punch(1g) (1g)
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Best Selling Edibles

Las Vegas, Nevada Spirit (100mg) Hybrid Edible by Pamos is a concentrated, potent cannabis-infused edible containing 99.75mg THC. This highly effective edible promotes a balanced and dynamic effect, perfect for both new and experienced users.
Spirit (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada 750MG THC | 150MG CBD
Nighttime 5:1 Hempseed(900mg) (0.75g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 4:1 CBD Tincture (800mg) CBD Rich tincture by Select contains a blend of 800mg of CBD along with 210.3mg of THC, providing a unique experience. This tincture provides users with a relaxing and semi-euphoric experience, coupling the benefits of both THC and CBD. It appeals to users seeking relief from stress, pain, and discomfort, but who still want a mild THC presence.
4:1 CBD(800mg) (200mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada 500MG THC | 500MG CBD
Anytime 1:1 Blue Agave(500mg) (0.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada 500MG THC | 500MG CBD
Anytime 1:1 Hempseed(500mg) (0.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Watermelon (800mg) Hybrid edible by Spiked Flamingo is a THC-infused treat that offers a substantial 790.06mg total package content. This powerful, flavorful edible delivers a balanced hybrid effect for an all-around enjoyable experience.
Watermelon(800mg) (0.8g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Tropical (800mg) Hybrid edible by Spiked Flamingo promises a power-packed, delicious thrill for all cannabis enthusiasts. The 793.2mg THC content ensures a potent and long-lasting experience.
Tropical(800mg) (0.8g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Rainbow Crunch Gummy Bites is a delicious and potent hybrid edible by Flight Bites. Each package contains a total THC content of 100.58mg, making it a powerful choice for those in search of a potent edible experience.
Rainbow Crunch Gummy Bites (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN (100mg) CBD Rich edible by Gron' is a robust and tasteful product that provides users with a harmonious blend of cannabis compounds. The product prides itself on its 87.3mg THC content complemented by a consistent dosage of CBN and CBD. Its smooth, blackberry lemonade flavor does a remarkable job in masking the natural cannabis taste, resulting in an enjoyable overall consumption experience.
Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN(100mg) (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Sunset Punch Gummy Bites by Flight Bites are potent hybrid edibles offering a tantalizing option for those who prefer a sweet and flavorful means of enjoying the benefits of THC. Each package contains 100mg of THC content, delivering a powerful and balanced combination providing both relaxing body effects and invigorating cerebral high.
Sunset Punch Gummy Bites (100mg)
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