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Best Selling Vapes

Las Vegas, Nevada Derived from the iconic Granddaddy Purp strain, Rove's Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g) is an indica-dominant full-spectrum extract. This potent vape contains a THC content of 92.17%, providing a robust experience for cannabis enthusiasts. It combines high-quality live resin extraction with the convenience of a vape to deliver the authentic flavor and effects of the strain.
Granddaddy Purp Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Blue Dream Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g) sativa vape by rove' packs a powerful punch at 88.85% THC. This full-spectrum extract captures the full terpene profile of the Blue Dream strain, delivering a potent and pure vaping experience.
Blue Dream Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Rove's Fruit Punch Live Resin Diamond Pod is a 0.85g sativa vape featuring a robust THC content of 90.77%. This top-tier product blends a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes known for their invigorating and uplifting effects, making it a sought-after product in the 702 area. The proprietary live resin process used by Rove ensures a consistent, high-quality concentrate that preserves the all-natural profile of the cannabis flowers.
Fruit Punch Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Cherry Gelato Live Resin Diamond Pod is a potent cannabis concentrate offering by Rove. This Indica 0.85g vape has a remarkable THC content of 92.16%, delivering a powerful and long-lasting effect. Known for its rich, authentic cannabis taste, this product is a favored choice amongst consumers seeking effective relief and recreation.
Cherry Gelato Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Pineapple Express Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a Sativa-dominant vape with a THC content of 92.08%. Manufactured using high-quality cannabis, this vape pod is designed to deliver a unique experience. With its clean and potent effects, the Pineapple Express Pod is a popular choice among experienced users. The 0.85g package ensures a long-lasting experience with every pod.
Pineapple Express Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Apple Jack Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a premium vape crafted from the highest quality cannabis. This 0.85g sativa vape contains a potent THC content of 90.3%, providing a strong, fast-acting effect. Expect a smooth, flavorful draw with the durability of a diamond pod.
Apple Jack Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Maui Waui Live Resin Diamond Pod is a Sativa vape by Rove with a potent 91.7% THC content. This high-quality vape contains 0.85g of sativa concentrate made from fresh frozen flowers. The Rove Diamond Pod is known for producing a clean, full-flavored aerosol that leaves users feeling satisfied.
Maui Waui Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Skywalker OG Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a premium quality vape product. This indica vape offers a rich strain-specific terpene profiles to deliver high potency. With a THC content of 89.75%, it ensures a long-lasting and intense effect. Made from the highest quality cannabis, this vape is perfect for users looking for a remarkable high.
Skywalker OG Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Watermelon Zkittlez Live Resin Diamond Pod by Rove is a potent, indica-dominant vape that delivers a robust profile of watermelon and grape flavors, combined with the serene relaxation and wellness benefits of a classic indica strain. This premium vape, with a THC content of 89.19%, packs a powerful punch and ensures long lasting relief.
Watermelon Zkittlez Live Resin Diamond Pod (0.85g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Skywalker Cartridge (0.85g) indica vape by Rove is a potent and richly flavored offering, with a THC content of 92.11%. It's a top-shelf product that offers an intense and long-lasting effect.
Skywalker Cartridge (0.85g)
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Best Selling Bud

Las Vegas, Nevada Lemon Cherry Gelato (28g) Indica Flower by Kannabis delivers a full-bodied, invigorating high. With a mid-level THC content of 20.25%, you can expect a potent, long-lasting relaxation that eases the body and calms the mind.
Lemon Cherry Gelato (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada 'Gelato Glue' (28g) indica flower by Prime is a high quality cannabis strain with a THC content of 22.28%. This product is derived from a robust component and is specifically cultivated for its dense, frosty buds with conventional indica effects.
Gelato Glue (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Purple Octane (28g) by Kannabis is an indica dominant flower with a THC content of 19.44%. It offers a robust, full-bodied smoking experience packed with diverse flavors and intense effects. Perfect for those in search of deep relaxation and a sense of tranquility.
Purple Octane (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Redbone (28g) Sativa Flower by Kannabis is crafted with precision and the highest quality standards to present a flower with a noticeably high THC content of 19.93%. This sativa flower has been skillfully grown and harvested to appeal to customers who prefer a potent, high-quality cannabis experience.
Redbone (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada 'Purple Goats (28g) sativa flower by prime' is a potent cannabis with a total THC content of 27.54%. The package weighs 702g, making it an ample supply for regular users. This sativa strain boasts high-quality, hand-trimmed flower buds that promise a powerful and energizing effect.
Purple Goats (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Jet Fuel (28g) sativa flower by Kannabis is a premium-grade, skilfully cultivated product known for its potent THC content of 22.17%. The package offers a total weight of 702gm, ensuring heavy usage. Bound to delight enthusiasts for its potency and quantity.
Jet Fuel (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Baker's Dozen (28g) hybrid flower by Kannabis, with a THC content of 20.5%, is a beautifully crafted herb that promises to deliver a balanced, enjoyable experience. Packaged in an even 28g, this product is a perfect balance between potency and quantity.
Baker's Dozen (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Green Crack (28g) sativa flower by prime is a potent and energizing strain boasting a THC content of 23.11%. This sativa dominant flower is ideal for those seeking a cerebral and invigorating experience, making it popular among daytime users.
Green Crack (28g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Wookies (14g) indica flower by Polaris is a high-quality cannabis product offering a THC content of 25.29%. Carefully crafted, it provides a smooth smoking experience perfect for those seeking relaxation. The flower is known for being potent, offering a long-lasting effect desired by experienced consumers.
Wookies (14g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Master X Bubba Kush (14g) by Polaris is a potent Indica flower with a high THC content of 21.85%. This quality strain provides a dense smoke experience with a full-bodied flavor profile that cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate.
Master X Bubba Kush (14g)
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Best Selling Prerolls

Las Vegas, Nevada Lemon Meringue Baby J's (1.8g) sativa preroll by Green Life Productions is a meticulously crafted product boasting a THC content of 24.28%. Encased in a convenient preroll, this sativa strain provides a superior smoking experience.
Lemon Meringue Baby J's (1.8g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Hazmat OG Baby J's (1.8g) Indica Preroll by Green Life Productions is a carefully crafted product containing a potent THC content of 23.49%. Packaged in 702s, this easy-to-use preroll embodies the essence of comfort for any user.
Hazmat OG Baby J's (1.8g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The 'Rove: Waui Moon Rock Blunt (1.5g) sativa preroll by presidential' is an impressive preroll with a robust THC content of 43.31%. This powerful sativa offers a distinct and immersive experience, carefully crafted and pre-rolled for easy consumption. Overarching 1.5g weight delivers durability and extended use.
Rove: Waui Moon RockBlunt (1.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Classic Moon Rock Blunt (1.5g) indica preroll by Presidential delivers a whopping THC content of 40.72%. This power-packed preroll offers a smooth, rich smoke with the convenience of being ready to consume in moments. Ideal for experienced cannabis connoisseurs seeking a potent indica experience.
Classic Moon RockBlunt (1.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Salted Caramel Gelato Mini Motivators Infused Pack is a tantalizing pre-rolled option offered by Cannavative. Made from the finest Indica strains, this pack provides a unique calming experience complemented by a high THC content of 44.55%. This product weighs 1.5g in total, promising long-lasting indulgence for consumers.
Salted Caramel Gelato Mini MotivatorsPack (1.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Peach Mango Moon Rock Blunt by Presidential is an enticing indica preroll with an impressive THC content of 45.19%. Each package comes with 1.5g of a premium blend, offering a robust and enjoyable smoking experience.
Peach Mango Moon RockBlunt (1.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Pineapple Moon Rock Blunt by Presidential is a professionally rolled indica preroll that packs a punch with THC content reaching up to a staggering 39.51%. Expertly crafted with 1.5g of premium cannabis, each Blunt is infused with high potency distillate and coated in kief, offering a slow burn, robust flavor, and potent performance.
Pineapple Moon RockBlunt (1.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Sour Power hybrid preroll by Mammoth labs delivers a potent, robust experience with a 49.64% THC content, bundled inside a 1-gram package. This premium-grade preroll offers a unique balance between a comprehensive-body relaxation and a lively cerebral invigoration, making it an ideal choice for those in search of a more functional, engaging buzz.
Sour Power(1g) *NOT REDEEMABLE* (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada KushCo OG is a hand-rolled potent indica strain of 1g preroll by Mammoth Labs. It has a high THC content (46.39%) and it is packaged in a resealable tube for easy storage that ensures freshness over time. This product is perfect for those seeking relaxation, as it delivers a strong punch due to its purity, potency, and high THC content.
KushCo OG(1g) *NOT REDEEMABLE* (1g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Pineapple Moon Rock(1g) indica preroll by presidential is a powerful, top-shelf product, known for delivering an intense and long-lasting experience. Its THC content is quite high at 41.69%, packed into a 1 gram preroll that users regard highly. No cutting corners, just pure, potent indica satisfaction.
Pineapple Moon Rock(1g) (1g)
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Best Selling Edibles

Las Vegas, Nevada 100mgs 8pk (800mg) Hybrid Edible by Indotabs is a THC-infused edible product guaranteed to give a relaxing and balanced high. With a total THC content of 786.72%, it's a potent choice for those seeking strong effects and a heightened experience. Each pack contains 8 pieces with each piece weighing 100mgs, amounting to a total of 800mgs per package. Preferred by users who seek a consistent and manageable method of consumption.
100mgs 8pk (0.8g)
Las Vegas, Nevada The '20mgs 30pk (600mg) hybrid edible by indotabs' is a high-potency cannabis product that offers a balanced blend of both physical and cerebral effects. Featuring a THC content of 556.5%, this product delivers a powerful and long-lasting high that can be both energizing and calming. Each package contains 30 edibles, with each serving size containing 20mg of THC for a total 600mg per package.
20mgs 30pk (0.6g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Spirit (100mg) hybrid edible by Pamos is a high-potency edible with a tantalizing 99.75% THC content. This product ensures a mind-blowing experience to the consumers, with carefully curated cannabinoids for an optimal, balanced high.
Spirit (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The '5mgs 100pk (500mg) Hybrid Edible by Indotabs' contains a substantial THC content of 567%. This potent package holds a significant punch for even the most seasoned cannabis consumers. The hybrid nature of the product ensures a balanced high, combining the best of what Sativa and Indica strains have to offer.
5mgs 100pk (0.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Blue Raspberry (500mg) by Evergreen Organix is a potent, flavorful, and soothing hybrid edible, offering an immersive cannabis experience. With a high THC content of 505.75% total package, it provides a robust, full-body high that is perfect for both relaxation and stimulation.
Blue Raspberry(500mg) *MEDICAL PATIENTS ONLY* (0.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Fruit Punch Gummies (500mg) is a potent hybrid edible produced by Evergreen Organix. Each package contains a high THC content, making it a powerful choice for those seeking a strong, long-lasting effect. The gummies are flavored with a delicious fruit punch taste, providing a sweet treat along with your dose of THC.
Fruit Punch Gummies (0.5g)
Las Vegas, Nevada Elderberry CBD-CBN(500mg) by Wyld CBD is a premium edible renowned for its delightful balance of flavor and effectiveness. Infused with a potent dose of CBD and CBN, it's designed to provide a soothing, calming effect, making it a perfect choice for stress relief.
Elderberry CBD-CBN(500mg) ()
Las Vegas, Nevada The Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN (100mg) CBD edible by Gron is a consumable that combines the calming properties of CBN and CBD with a THC content of 102.85% in a total package of 702. This richly flavored edible delivers a powerful, balanced experience with every use.
Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN(100mg) (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Pomegranate 4:1(100mg) CBD Edible by Gron offers a juicy and tangy experience with an impressive THC content of 94.02%. It is designed to deliver a potent effect, ideal for consumers seeking high-power relief. This product contains a 100mg blend, packed in a discreet, easy-to-carry, and enjoyable pomegranate-flavored snack.
Pomegranate 4:1(100mg) (100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Blueberry Lemonade 3:1 CBG hybrid edible by gron is a potent package containing a THC content of 95.93%. It gives recreational users and patients a balanced and powerful buzz that suits anyone seeking a unique and elevated experience.
Blueberry Lemonade 3:1 CBG(100mg) (100mg)
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