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Las Vegas, Nevada Chocolate Sleepytime Chews by Cheeba are hybrid edibles containing 100mg THC content offering a perfect balance of mind and body effect. These treats combine the soothing power of cannabinoids with a rich, chocolaty flavor to provide a calming, delicious experience.
Chocolate Sleepytime Chews
Las Vegas, Nevada Strawberry Hybrid Chews by Cheeba offers a delightful and sweet burst of strawberry flavors with each chew. As a hybrid edible with a THC content of 91%, these chews can provide an intense and evenly balanced body and cerebral effects. A potent dose of cannabinoids in every bite.
Strawberry Hybrid Chews
Las Vegas, Nevada The Lemon Meringue Hybrid Chews by Cheeba pack 100mg of THC into one edibly delicious treat. With THC content reaching up to an impressive 94.7%, these hybrid edibles are sure to provide a potent, balanced high. Each package is crafted thoughtfully, ensuring the ultimate user experience each time.
Lemon Meringue Hybrid Chews
Las Vegas, Nevada Cheeba's Sour Apple Hybrid Chews are a balanced edible with a powerful punch at 100mg. These chews are known for their tart, tangy taste and powerful hybrid effects, offering a balanced blend of both sativa and indica. Perfect for experienced cannabis users looking for a potent edible dose. The THC content sits at a hefty 90.72%, ensuring a long-lasting, intense experience.
Sour Apple Hybrid Chews

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