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Las Vegas, Nevada Sour Grape Sugar-Free Indica (100mg) is a CBD edible from Chew & Chill that delivers a mouthwatering combination of sour and grape flavors in a sugar-free format. Containing a generous total of 100mg of CBD, it gives a relaxing, soothing high that's ideal for unwinding after a long day or before bedtime. Infused with a THC content of 98.94%, expect a potent, long-lasting effect as this treat works its magic.
Sour Grape Sugar-Free Indica
Las Vegas, Nevada Sour Apple Sugar-Free Hybrid Edible by Chew & Chill is a satisfying, tangy treat with a potent punch. With 100mg of THC content, this sugar-free edible delivers a sweet and sour apple flavor that's perfect for those looking for a tasty and discreet way to consume cannabis. This edible offers a THC content of 113.36% in total, providing a strong and long-lasting effects suitable for experienced users.
Sour Apple Sugar-Free
Las Vegas, Nevada Mango Tango Sugar-Free Sativa is a highly potent sativa edible from the well-regarded brand, Chew & Chill. It offers a whopping 91.53% THC content in a total package of 702mg, providing a powerful and heady high. As sugar-free, it appeals to the health conscious consumers and is perfect for day-time use.
Mango Tango Sugar-Free Sativa
Las Vegas, Nevada Jasmine Peach Sugar-Free(100mg) hybrid edible by Chew & Chill is a delicious and health-conscious choice for those seeking to imbibe in a THC-infused treat without any added sugar. This hybrid edible contains 100mg of THC, offering a potent experience that balances both body and mind. Enjoy the delicate flavors of jasmine and peach as you ride the waves of relaxation and mental clarity.
Jasmine Peach Sugar-Free

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