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Las Vegas, Nevada Fruit Punch Gummies (500mg) by Evergreen Organix is a hybrid edible known for its punchy, alluring fruit flavour and potent THC count. Each package contains a total THC content of 516.63%, offering an intense, delightful adventure for seasoned users. An all-around balanced treat, these gummies combine the best of both worlds for a truly indulgent and unique gummy experience.
Fruit Punch Gummies
Las Vegas, Nevada The Blue Raspberry (500mg) hybrid edible by Evergreen Organix is a great choice for those who appreciate potency and flavor. With an impressive THC content of 505.75%, this edible offers a strong, balanced high that combines the best traits of Sativa and Indica strains. The taste of Blue Raspberry gives a delightful and unique touch to every bite.
Blue Raspberry
Las Vegas, Nevada Tutti Frutti (500mg) hybrid edible by Evergreen Organix is a flavorful and potent choice for those seeking a balanced high. Each package contains a total THC content of 515.82% for your enjoyment. Evergreen Organix, known for its quality, ensures this edible offers a unique experience that combines the best of both Sativa and Indica strains.
Tutti Frutti
Las Vegas, Nevada The Watermelon (500mg) hybrid edible is a potently satisfying product from Evergreen Organix. Each unit is packed with a powerful THC content that reaches over 519.14% in the total package, delivering a strong and lasting high with just a small measure of the edible.

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