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Las Vegas, Nevada The Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN(100mg) cbd edible by Gron offers a robust combination of CBN and CBD with a THC content of 102.85%. This delicious, potent concoction offers a relaxing and uplifting experience, lightly infused with the tangy combination of blackberry and lemonade to make dosing a delectable experience.
Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Pomegranate 4:1(100mg) cbd edible by gron is a luscious treat infused with premium cannabis and natural pomegranate flavor. It exhibits an exceptionally high THC content of 94.02%, offering a potent dose for those seeking strong effects. The entire package is rich in cannabinoids, maintaining a total of 702mg. With its tasteful composition and superior quality, it is well-liked among consumers.
Pomegranate 4:1(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Watermelon Indica(100mg) indica edible by gron is a hard-hitting dose of highly potent THC. Crafted with precision and care, this product delivers a total THC content of 97.19% for the whole package. This robust dosage is ideally designed for experienced users seeking intense effects.
Watermelon Indica(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Blueberry Lemonade 3:1 CBG (100mg) Hybrid Edible by Gron is a refreshing and potent edible with a THC content of 95.93%. It's designed to deliver a balanced and strong hybrid effect to users, making it ideal for both recreational and medicinal use.
Blueberry Lemonade 3:1 CBG(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Tangelo 2:1:1(100mg) sativa edible by Gron is a THC-infused product that delivers a potent and uplifting experience, creating an energizing and creative high due to its sativa dominance. This edible boasts a high THC content of 99.88%, pushing limits to offer users an intense recreational and medicinal experience.
Tangelo 2:1:1(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Raspberry Lemonade edible by Gron is a hybrid delight with a potent punch at 100mg THC content and a stunning 86.86% total package. This flavorful and potent edible provides a balanced and well-rounded experience, a perfect manifestation of the synergistic interaction between its unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes.
Raspberry Lemonade(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Peach Prosecco 1:1(100mg) by Gron is a tasty and potent CBD edible with a THC content of 88.75%. This gourmet product is lovingly crafted and infused with high-quality, full-spectrum extract. Enjoy the energetically charged combination of juicy peaches and sparkling prosecco.
Peach Prosecco 1:1(100mg)

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