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Las Vegas, Nevada Blood Orange 1:1 Sativa (100mg) THC/CBC by Wyld is a meticulously crafted edible that combines the best sativa strains, offering an elevated and well-balanced experience. The fruity and tangy flavor of blood orange makes consuming this product a delightful experience.
Blood Orange 1:1 Sativa(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Elderberry 2:1 CBN(100mg) Indica edible by Wyld is a THC dominant edible that delivers a potent, body-focused effect. The total THC content is 100.8mg per package. This Indica edible comes in the unique and appealing flavor of elderberry, adding an exciting twist to your usual cannabis experience.
Elderberry 2:1 CBN(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada 'Pear 1:1 CBG(100mg) Hybrid edible by wyld' is a delightful balance of flavor and effect, offering the nuanced notes of pear infused with the therapeutic benefits of CBG. With a total THC content of 100.9mg per package, this edible ensures a potent, well-rounded experience suitable for both novice and seasoned consumers alike.
Pear 1:1 CBG(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Pomegranate 1:1(100mg) CBD Rich edible by Wyld contains 10 pieces offering potent, evenly-balanced effects. With a total THC content of 110.4mg, this full-spectrum edible provides a dynamic, wholesome experience, suitable for both connoisseurs and newcomers alike.
Pomegranate 1:1(100mg)
CBD Rich
Las Vegas, Nevada Huckleberry Hybrid by Wyld is the perfect blend of high-quality THC, boasting a total THC content of 97.6mg per package. This Hybrid edible provides users with a flavorful and stimulating experience that balances between invigorating uplift and soothing relaxation.
Huckleberry Hybrid(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Marionberry Indica(100mg) by Wyld is a high-potency edible offering a total THC content of 107.1mg per package. These edibles offer a powerful and long-lasting effect that is perfect for those looking for a strong indica experience.
Marionberry Indica(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Peach 2:1(50mg) CBD Rich edible by Wyld is a delicious, fruity edible that packs a punch with its 50.8mg of THC content. It's perfect for those looking for a high-dose, CBD-rich experience.
Peach 2:1(50mg)
CBD Rich
Las Vegas, Nevada Raspberry Sativa (100mg) by Wyld is a THC-infused edible that offers a unique blend of natural flavors and a potent dosage of cannabis. It serves as a delightful pick-me-up, delivering a vivacious and uplifting effect that makes it ideal for day-time use.
Raspberry Sativa(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Sour Apple Sativa by Wyld is an exhilarating edible that comes packed with a potent 100mg THC. This savory delicacy delivers a punch of vibrant sour apple flavor, offering a refreshing and energetic journey through each bite.
Sour Apple Sativa(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Sour Cherry Indica by WYLD is a powerful edible that features delicious cherry flavor. Its 100mg THC content and Indica properties can lead to deeply relaxing experiences, enhanced with the delicately tart taste of sour cherries. Packaged for convenience with precisely-dosed squares, this edible is ideal for those seeking a potent and flavorful indulgence.
Sour Cherry Indica(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Sour Tangerine Hybrid by Wyld is an impeccably balanced edible that offers a wonderful tanginess of zesty tangerine with a slight sour undertone. This Hybrid edible does not compromise on its THC strength, packing a solid 105.6mg total in the package.
Sour Tangerine Hybrid(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada The Strawberry 20:1(10mg) CBD Rich edible by Wyld is a low-dose THC product infused with the refreshing essence of ripe strawberries. Offering an enjoyable experience, this edible gets praised for its consistent, potent, and highly effective formulations. With optimal CBD content, individuals can expect an ultimate calm.
Strawberry 20:1(10mg)
CBD Rich

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