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Las Vegas, Nevada The Hybrid Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar from Yummies offers a luxuriously rich and indulgent flavor with a potent touch of hybrid THC concentrate. This bar is expertly crafted with a high THC content of 96.1%, delivering a potent dosage within a creamy milk chocolate and smooth peanut butter pairing. Each bar contains a total of 100mg, designed for those with a high tolerance or in need of potent relief.
Hybrid Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar
Las Vegas, Nevada The Sativa Milk Chocolate Bar (100mg) is a tantalizing edible produced by Yummies. It contains a very high THC content of 90.6% providing a powerful impact. This smoothly textured chocolate bar not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also gives the desired effect that sativa typically delivers.
Sativa Milk Chocolate Bar
Las Vegas, Nevada Indica Berry Blast by Yummies is a potent edible with a THC content of 90.5%. Each package containing a total of 100mg, this product is designed for those who desire a strong and long-lasting cannabis experience. The sweet and fruity flavors make it an enjoyable treat, while the effects manifest as intensely relaxing and calming, ideal for unwinding or restful nights.
Indica Berry Blast(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Experience the refreshing taste of summer with the Hybrid Wild Watermelon (100mg) edible by Yummies. Each of these bite-sized treats carry a punch of potent hybrid cannabis extract, making it a great choice for a balanced head and body experience. With a 100% THC content, this enjoyable edible is sure to provide hours of relaxation and relief from a variety of symptoms. Enjoy the juicy flavor of fresh watermelon in each piece as you unwind and relax into the experience.
Hybrid Wild Watermelon(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Sativa Orange Dream by Yummies is a revitalizing edible that offers a potent 100mg of THC, making it ideal for experienced users. At 92.1% THC content, this delicacy provides a strong cerebral buzz that fosters creativity, mindfulness, and joyous euphoria.
Sativa Orange Dream(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Sativa Strawberry Lemonade by Yummies is a refreshing and potent edible offering a total THC content of 92%. Each package contains 100mg of vivifying sativa, perfect for those who need a little pick-me-up.
Sativa Strawberry Lemonade(100mg)
Las Vegas, Nevada Hybrid Dragon Fruit by Yummies is a deliciously daring edible experience. Each packaged delight offers a potent dose of 100mg hybrid THC, boasting a robust 92.1% total THC content. For the intrepid cannabis connoisseur in search of a new sensory treat, this could be just the twist to their regular routine.
Hybrid Dragon Fruit(100mg)

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